Green Pea is the first Green Retail Park in the world dedicated to the theme of Respect. It opens on 9th of December in Turin – one of Italy’s most innovative cities – in Lingotto district, next to the first Eataly store opened in 2007.

Green Pea’s motto, From duty to beauty, comes to life across 5 floors, designed to change the consumers’ relationship with energy, movement, housing, clothing, and leisure.
The place where sustainable products, created in harmony with Earth, Air, Water, and People, are not a duty, but they become beauty. In Green Pea you can find more than 100 Partners including IVM, the only partner in the office area.

72 places where the Respect turns into Beauty. Our products are meant to be long-lasting and reused or recycled when they reach the end of their lives. Green Pea is convinced that the long life of the products is one of the most important aspects of Sustainability.

Sustainability is a concept linked to a very ancient idea: time. It replies to the question: « how long can something last? ».

More than 100 Partners have been selected. They do believe in the need to produce and consume in harmony with Nature, while crafting products in line with the Made in Italy principles of Beauty and Originality. The goal is clear: bringing Green quality to the broadest audience with an offer for all budgets, Pop&Top.

The name Green Pea is a tribute to a tiny symbol of Respect, the pea: round like the Earth and green as our Planet should be. In the 20s, sustainably behaving must become cool, and the Pea Dot aims to be the symbol of this mentality change. It is an absolute priority: should we stop consuming or start consuming with Respect? Green Pea answers this question with an idea: it’s time to enjoy the beautiful side of behaving and consuming, in full Respect of Nature.

Green Pea is a place of Beauty and Respect to launch a new way of consuming: you can become part of the change with every purchase.


Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly and Green Pea:

« We believe that, in a social model based on consumption, it is necessary to direct business towards values useful for authentic well-being, which can only exist if in balance with other humans. 

The scenario is not difficult to read. The main problem is the compatibility between activities aimed at improving life and the planet’s health. 90% of scientists tell us that our way of consuming has become unsustainable. When 90% of scientists say something, they are undoubtedly right. It’s definitely time to change the way we consume.

We produce energy by introducing an excessive amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, altering the climate balance. At the same time, we build objects and make food by polluting the land, water and air. Moreover, we keep improperly disposing waste and we keep cutting down trees. Green Pea aims at demonstrating that there is the possibility to live in harmony with the planet, without sacrificing beauty. We believe we have somehow already achieved this goal with Eataly, concerning the Food sector and thus the agricultural field. Now we ambitiously aim at changing the other main consumer activities: moving, living, fashion, beauty, fitness, leisure time, and culture.

Green Pea is a new project. Thus, we start from Turin, one of the most innovative cities in the history of Italy. »

Oscar Farinetti

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